We're a team of makers, thinkers and explorers. We're serious about delivering great outcomes.

All about teamwork.

Our teams collaborate across disciplines. It leads to smarter work and stronger ideas.

Designers, developers, strategists, and producers sit together and learn from one another every day. The work is challenging. The pace is fast. But it’s not all work - teams give us ways to mentor, build culture, and escape the office for happy hours and outings.

We work hard (and it pays off).

We develop concepts, prototypes, and platforms, iterating in the pursuit of meaningful answers to tough problems.

You’ll do amazing things here — by questioning the process and experimenting with a team that’s not afraid of change. And when you do great work, it gets noticed. Ours has been featured in a variety of publications and has garnered no shortage of accolades and awards.



We have three studios. One in Louisville, which we launched in 2015, one in Zürich which we launched in 2013 and another in Pristina, which opened its doors in 2015.

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